Stine Aas – furniture and spatial designer

Stine Aas, Design, Cosmos Lamp for exhibition Norway x New York, Sight Unseen Offsite

Designers Shaun Kasperbauer and Stine Aas began their collaboration over a discussion of their favorite methods of production and a few common interests quickly emerged; the clean lines of milled aluminum and the ephemeral yet robust nature of perforated metal. While the two designers come from different backgrounds, they found that their design aesthetic really speak the same language and their shared interests eventually manifested into a pair of floor lamps that are playful, industrial, and a touch floral. 

A metal cylinder acts as base for a thin central stem which supports a custom ball-shaped LED light diffused by perforated metal. When placed next to one another, the varied heights of each lamp allow them to pair with one another in a manner which accentuates the translucent nature of the perforated metal. The resulting floor lights are best characterized by their juxtapositions; hard lines plus soft shapes, simple forms made by technical production methods, industrial materials yet an ephemeral feel.